You Shouldn’t be Someone’s Other Half

“The other half of me is already here…”

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “He/She is my other half.” Maybe you’ve even heard someone utter the phrase, “They’re my better half.” Just think about that for a second. Think about what that person said, or maybe even think about what you have said in the past relating to a phrase like this.

Half of something is 50% of it. Half of something will always be 50% no matter how hard you try to change it, so is that really settling with you? What I’m saying is when you’re someone’s other half, you’re only half of a human yourself. You’re only 50% of what you could be.

This society thrives on a good success story. There’s nothing better than someone having the drive to actually succeed. However, do you succeed by only giving 50% of what you could? No, you have to give 100%. You have to give it your all; you have to be whole in order to do something so great. If we thrived on success in love the way we thrived on success in careers, sports, money, etc., then we would see that it is acceptable to give 100% of yourself and feel no backlash. Love is an important aspect of life, and we should never lower a standard of expectation.

The phrase “my other half” goes hand-in-hand with the phrase “you complete me.” Of course girls everywhere want to hear those words come from the guy that makes their stomach have butterflies. Of course that phrase just makes girls swoon over what could be the love of their life. But don’t be fooled, Ladies. Don’t be his other half. Don’t complete him.

The best thing you can do for someone is let them be whole before you walk into their life. The best thing you can do for yourself is make sure you are whole before you allow them into your life. It is possible to make someone better and to help them grow as an individual, but you should never complete them. Each of you are individuals who should be complete by God himself. Being complete is not the job of a significant other.

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It can take us completely by surprise. It can turn our world around. It can better us. It can make sure we know our worth. Love can do so many things for a person, and it is able to open up an emotion some have never felt before. Love simply makes the world go round.

If love is so beautiful, then why would you give half of yourself to it? Would you give half of yourself to that work project your boss just put on your desk to finish before Monday? Probably not. If that’s getting all of you, then love should to.

Never in my life do I want to be someone else’s other half. Never. It’s not because I don’t want to experience love; it’s because I’m already whole. The other half of me is already here; I found her a long time ago. I want you to be whole. I want you to give love 100%– not 50%.

Whole does not mean “perfect.” Perfect does not exist, and I’m aware of that. However, whole does exist. Strive to give love 100% because it’s something this society lacks in. Love is often swept under the rug due to fear of hurt. People often think it is acceptable to give 50% because only half of you gets hurt. But think of it this way… What if you would’ve experienced the greatest love story of all time if you would’ve just given 100%? It’s an entire 50% more you have to offer to someone.

Never look for your other half. Look for another whole. That’s when love becomes the best thing you’ve experienced. Don’t complete someone. Instead, grow together to make the person you are an all around better person.