To My Guy Best Friend

Many people will tell you that it is impossible to have a completely platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex if both of you are heterosexual. I’ve had people tell me it’s not possible many times, and those people normally refuse to believe anything different when I tell them I have my very own guy best friend. Don’t get me wrong here, having my group of girls is nice, but having a guy best friend lets me escape from all the girly things. Having a guy best friend isn’t something every girl gets to experience, but I am thankful I am one of the girls that do. 

Thank you for always being there no matter what time it is. Sometimes it feels like my world is falling apart, but you’re always there to remind me how far I’ve come, as well as how far I have left to go. I can always count on you to be awake when my anxiety is kicking in, and I just can’t sleep. 

Thank you for always being there with open arms and laughter. I talk to you every single day, and the conversation never gets dull. Laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn’t thank you enough for the amount of laughter you have put into my life. 

Thank you for always asking me for my advice when your life takes a turn you didn’t expect. Even though I know you’re going to do whatever your heart desires, I am more than willing to help you anyway. 
Thank you for your great taste in music. I never actually knew there was another person in this world who could sing every lyric to every Eric Church song until I met you. 

Thank you for your positivity and the push you gave me to get out of my comfort zone. Everyday I watch you step a little more out of your comfort zone, and I watch society get a little more uneasy about it. I wouldn’t have made that first step, or continued walking forward without looking back, without your unending support, positivity, and passion to do what you love. 

Thank you for proving good guys do exist. Many girls go their entire life without knowing how they should be treated. I can say I know what a “good guy” should be because I’ve watched you treat the woman you love like a queen. I can also thank you for the willingness to take care of anyone who doesn’t treat me like a queen. 

Thank you for promising to save me from loneliness and being willing to marry me if we both end up alone at 30. Also, thank you for not sharing all of those embarrassing pictures you have of me. It’s probably only because you know it will cause me to be alone at 30, then you will have to marry me. 

Thank you for always being willing to have ice cream with me even if it’s not our cheat day. Thank you for justifying our walk around Nashville as cardio just so we didn’t have to go to the gym that day. Thank you for always being down for an adventure or pizza… or both. 

Thank you for just being in my life to help guide me the best way you know how. You are truly an inspiration, and having you as a friend means I will never believe I am not enough. 

I am thankful for this sarcastic, supportive, adventurous, and loving friendship. I am thankful to call you my best guy friend. It means so much to know you will forever be just a phone call or text away. 

Your Best Friend (or maybe second best😉),