The House that Built Me

Phi Mu Delta Tau//1553 Chestnut Street//Bowling Green, KY

As I drive down Chestnut Street I can’t help but to look out my window as I pass that exact spot. It catches my attention every single time. The pink door actually catches my attention, but the memories behind that door hold my attention for a few moments longer. And every time I think to myself, “I owe this chapter more than I could ever possibly give.”

Two years ago I met Phi Mu. Two years ago I walked behind that pink door for the first time not knowing what to expect. Two years ago my life changed forever when I accepted the bid of a lifetime. Two years ago Phi Mu began to love me more than I thought was possible.

When I joined Phi Mu in Spring 2014, my life needed a little more guidance. After battling an eating disorder for a year and a half, I was starting to lose sight of who I was again. The Phi Mu bond is something I truly needed in order to make it out of this place alive.

Through many phone calls, girls nights, and cry sessions, I was convinced to stick by her side and never let go. Of course she would do the same for me. Phi Mu did exactly that. She never let me slip from her hands, and she encouraged my every step.

During Fall 2014 recruitment, I was the Preference Day testimony. That was a moment I feared the entire summer before. The day of came around, and I wasn’t sure I could even make it to the last day of recruitment. There was no way I could share the story of what made me who I am with all of these girls along with several girls I didn’t know.

I made it through my testimony all 3 times, and the emotion that carried through the room from one sister to the next was an emotion I’ll never feel unless I’m standing with them. In that exact moment sisterhood became an emotion, and I could feel it stronger than I could feel the tears running down my face.

I am a senior in this chapter, and my life as an active member is coming to a close. But one thing I know for sure is this chapter of Phi Mu built me stronger than I thought I could be. They have believed in my power and strength to overcome anything, and they believe I am enough. This chapter, this house, this sisterhood has built a foundation for my heart and my soul to lean on as I grow with every new page I turn in this book of life.

I have had the opportunity to watch these ladies overcome obstacles in this chapter, and it has made this sisterhood as strong and courageous as a lion. I wouldn’t want to watch any other group of ladies grow.

If someone ever asked me, “What is Phi Mu Delta Tau to you?” I could answer with one sentence, and I have faith that sentence is all I would need. I would simply say, “It’s the house that built me.”

So Delta Tau… You built me. You built me into something I never thought I could be. You gave me strength when I was running on empty. You gave me my life back while giving me a different life to live.

I can’t thank you enough.

LIOB (forever and always)

Craewhite 🌞